HP 950 CISS Complete DIY Instruction - Own Cartridges, ekuten Empty CISS Tank

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ekuten™ Empty Static Pressure CISS
for HP 950, 951 Cartridge Type Printer
Tank size 
- Black : 160ml
- Colors : 100ml
package contained 
- Empty CISS 
- 1 syringe with Needle
- 1 suction tip 
- 2 Tube clamp
- 4 Elbow connector and Paking
- Hand Drill
- 4 Air Filter
This Static pressure CISS made by polyethylene to minimize chemical reaction with Ink Static pressure does not need damper to control ink flow. it only deliver the ink when ink needed from the cartridge. static pressure CISS can be used for most ink cartridge models. 
customer may need suction clip separately for two cartridge printer